Chairman of Pharmacy

Preface by chairman of pharmacy

Being the Chairman of the School of Pharmacy, I am entitled to cerate the most harmonica learning environment for our students in the undergraduate, master and Ph.D programs. As thus, all our faculties of the School of Pharmacy were endeavored to provide our best knowledge to guide the students toward the highest quality of professional achievement. Our School has more than 50 years of history. Up to date, we have more than 8000 graduate alumni with great accomplishments among all pharmacy professionals. We have encouraged our students not only to empower their professional specialties but also to widen their horizon on extracurricular activities as well as international exposures. We have singed many international memorandum of agreement with quite a few prestigious universities like University of California, San Diego, University of Southern California, Ohio State University etc. Through these agreements, we have the access to send many of our students to these institutes for special course training as well as cultural interaction with their local students. Humanity is also another important concern to our students. Being a pharmacy-related profession, we would like to ask our students to be involved in many community services to realize how the seniorities and youngsters feel about the roles of a pharmacist in the society. This comprehension may help the students to improve their concept to be a capable and reliable profession in their career development. All our faculties and staffs in the School of Pharmacy will strive to our best to fulfill every necessary requirements to achieve this goal.