School of Pharmacy.Pharmacy students will need to secure at least a total of 176 credits to graduate (128 compulsory credits, 28 credits of general education, 20 elective credits), including the required 16 credits in Chinese pharmacy. Freshmen of the School study the common core curriculum, general education, and other infrastructure subjects. In the second, the third, the fourth, and the fifth years, they receive basic pharmacy education and specialist subjects in clinical pharmacy, pharmaceutical biotechnology, community pharmacy, and other advanced courses. Before graduation, students are required to spend one year of clinical internship in hospital pharmacy or in a modern pharmaceutical manufactory in Taiwan. Graduates are entitled to take the National Examination for Pharmacists for official license. Both the master and the doctoral program are divided into three sections, including Pharmaceutics, Clinical Pharmacy and Biotechnological Pharmacy. All the programs are concentrated in the development and education of professional research.