Career Opportunities

School of Pharmacy.Students who pass the national examination have a wide variety of career openings to choose from. They should be able to obtain positions in pharmaceutical companies and work in the Department of Production, Quality Control or Sales. They can also engage themselves in R & D for developing new drugs. Or they can work as sales representatives for pharmaceutical companies. As for the jobs in the hospitals, graduates can work in dispensing and pharmaceutical management system, as well as in pharmaceutical information management system in collaboration with physicians about the clinical administration of drugs.

Pharmacists can also work in the community or in information agencies to open their own practice. Moreover, there is a wide range of research job opportunities in life sciences, such as immunology, biochemistry, genetic engineering, and in fields related to chemistry, like natural chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry and instrument analysis.

Students can pursue further study domestically or abroad, and they are of course ideally qualified for the programs of post-baccalaureate medicine and Chinese medicine.

Currently, the graduates have already been distributed various strata of the community, including city and county Director of Health, university professors, director of the hospital pharmacy, pharmaceutical director, supervisors of R & D units, general managers of pharmaceutical companies, and large group of pharmacists providing clinical services.