School of Pharmacy.The School of Pharmacy was founded in 1958. In 1965, the Evening Division was established, which later on became the second section of the school in 1997. In 1993, the School was divided into two divisions, modern pharmacy and traditional Chinese pharmacy. These two divisions were then merged into five-year program in 2000. Our Master program was started in 2004. The second section of the school was cancelled in 2005 and the students were allocated to the Day Division. The Ph.D program was established in 2006. The mission of the undergraduate program is to train excellent pharmacy professionals; and the mission of the postgraduate programs is to nurture pharmacy research manpower and teachers. The character lays emphasis equally on modern pharmacy and traditional Chinese pharmacy for the development of teaching and the research in clinical and community pharmacy, and the establishment of a combination of Chinese and modern pharmacy education to the pharmaceutical biotechnology research objectives.