Name Hsiang-Wen (Margaret)Lin

Hsiang-Wen (Margaret)Lin

Title Assistant Professor
Affiliation School of Pharmacy and Graduate Institute


  1. 2008    Philosophy of Doctor (Ph.D.) in Pharmacy Administration, College of Pharmacy, University of Illinois at Chicago.
  2. 2006    Doctoral Candidate, Department of Pharmacy Administration. University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL
  3. 2003    Doctoral Student, Department of Pharmacy Administration.University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL
  4. 1999    Intensive Care Clinical pharmacist bedside training of Fellowship program in University of Illinois at Chicago
  5. 1998    Master of Science degree in pharmacy (MS).National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan, Major: Hospital Pharmacy
  6. 1996    Bachelor of science degree in pharmacy (B.S) , China Medical University, Taichung, Taiwan
Academic & Hospital appointment experience
  1. 2008~present  Assistant professor in school of pharmacy, College of Pharmacy, CMU
  2. 2008~present  Supervising Pharmacist in Department of Pharmacy, CMUH.
  3. 2000~2002    Lecturer in school of pharmacy, China Medical College (Ministry of Education Certificated)
  4. 2000~2002    Supervisor of Drug information center /Clinical pharmacist in CMCH
  5. 1998~2000    Fellowship in school of pharmacy in National Taiwan University
Fields of Specialty Clinical Pharmacy & Pharmacotherapy, Evidence-based Pharmacy, Research method in clinical pharmacy/health service research
Research Outcomes research (e.g., humanistic outcomes [health-related quality of life]); Health Services Research; Pharmacy Systems Evaluation; Evaluation of Educational Program on Pharmacy and Medication Use for the Public, Particularly Self-Care Management (i.e., Dietary Supplements); Pharmacoepidemiology

Projects (2008~2010)
Principle Investigator(PI):

  1. Establish the Center for Medication Educational Resources [Central Region]). Department of Health Grant; 2008 (NT:400, 000)]
  2. Education of Patient Counseling. Department of Health 2009 (NT:400,000)
  3. Outcomes research of medication use among the elderly-analysis of medication use patterns. CMU hospital grant (DMR-99-140).2009 (NT:100,000)
  4. Exploring factors associated pharmacists’ and pharmacy students’ involvement of medication-related counseling in Taiwan. CMU New faculty Grant (CMU97-298); 2009 (NT:400,000)
  5. Development and assessment of a cooperative medication therapy management model for poly pharmacy in elderly, Department of Health Grant (DOH098-TD-D-113-098011). 2009.3~2011.2 (NT1991,570)
  6. Pharmacists’ Provision of Pharmaceutical Care and Professional Training in Taiwan: Patient Medication Counseling. CMU new faculty grant. (CMU98-N2-17); 2010 (NT:4000,000)
  7. Outcomes research of medication use among patients at high risks of medication-related misadventure (I)-older patients NSC grant; (NSC 99-2320-B-039-031-MY3) 2010-2013 (NT:2,700,000)


  1. Effectiveness and health economic evaluation for lung cancer screening (NSC 98-2314-B-039-014-MY3). National Science Council 2009.8~2012.7 ( NT 1,133,000) (PI: Dr. Chun-Ru Chien)
  2. A Pilot Study of The Assessment of Esophageal Cancer Patients' Burden of Illness CMU hospital grant (DMR-98-009)2009 (NT340,000) (PI: Dr. Lin Jen Yen )
  3. International Collaborations of Clinical Pharmacy Education. Department of Health 2009 ( NT 3,000,000) (PI: Dr. Weng-Foung Huang )
  4. International Collaborations of Clinical Pharmacy Education. Department of Health 2010 ( NT 1,500,000) (PI: Dr. Weng-Foung Huang )


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